Monday, April 9, 2018

The Morgan's Movements 2018 {Week 13}

The day after Matt's birthday, the boys and I headed to MOPS. It was a much needed outing for us. Mason helped me push Maddox down the hall. I love my helper so much!   

Little Matt. :) 

Mason got some iPad time during nap that afternoon, a rare treat, and he was pretty excited about it! 

Maddox got a bit, too. haha! 

We went to the library that Wednesday for story time and an egg hunt. It was PACKED! 






Someone was anxious for something to eat! 

We pulled out our new tubs of dry rice and beans one morning and the boys had the best time! 




Matt and the boys watched some baseball one afternoon. Mason said since Matt and his dad like the Phillies that he did, too! 

Someone was having a rough morning and needed his thumb and his momma! 

And milk. Milk always helps. 

We gave Maddox some puzzles as a part of his Easter present and he has basically already mastered them. haha! 

Someone enjoys his coloring by dot book. 

Lunch in the living room is always a fun treat! 

Love him...

Brother snuggles! 

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