Sunday, April 1, 2018

Montgomery Visit {March 2018}

Last week, we spent a quick weekend with Matt's parents. We made it to Montgomery just in time for dinner and met Matt's parents at Red Robin. Mason ate and did some activities with PopPop. 

Maddox drank and ate. he didn't have time for activities. haha! 

Saturday morning, everyone but me went to the Alabama Safari Park. I'll share some pictures from that, too! 

That afternoon, we all went to the park to play. It was a great day for it! 




Before and after the park, we let the boys play by the water, dipping toes, etc. While we waited for dinner that turned into naked jays in ice cold water! 







Pure relaxation! 

We had a yummy dinner of bbq chicken and then we had ice cream cake for an early birthday for Matt! 

Trick candles made this boy laugh! 

Maddox was a pure MESS! Icing. everywhere! 





Worn out on Sunday morning!!! 

Grammy had some props and we used them for a few pictures before church! 


We had just some good times. Relaxing, yummy food and good hang time! 


It was a fast trip but we already have another in the works for July and we hope to stay longer! 

We had an easy trip back home and we travelled through 30 degree temp drops. When we got home, our clothes were not weather appropriate!! 

Thanks for a great visit, PopPop and Grammy! See ya soon!

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