Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Miracle In Shreveport by David and Jason Benham {A Book Review}

Miracle In Shreveport:A Memoir of Baseball, Fatherhood, and The Stadium that Launched a Dream by David and Jason Benham was a HIT! Pun intended. :) 

I was drawn to this book after I had heard about it somewhere on social media and I put it on my wish list. I spent many holidays near Shreveport and have been to Shreveport as well. It's in my home state and I love baseball so I mean, it was meant to be right!?! 

I will admit, this book was hard for me to get into for the first 4 or 5 chapters but then I couldn't put it down. Twin brothers, David and Jason, share about their experience growing up and passing by a baseball field in Shreveport. Their family began to pray that the Lord would allow the brothers to play in that stadium one day. 

As the book progresses, we can follow through their younger years, high school years when they choose baseball over other sports and then into college, etc. I loved the baseball aspect of this story but the winner of it all was how openly these brothers talked about what God has/had done for them. 

They were given some incredible opportunities and they remained humble, thanked God for those opportunities and because of that, he continued to bless their lives. I cannot wait to pass this book along to someone so they can find out for themselves the miracles God did. The best part? He did miracles for these brothers and when we trust and obey him, he does the same for us! 

**I received this book from BookLook Bloggers.**

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