Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Mother's Day Weekend 2018 {Saturday}

For Mother's Day, I asked for a Golden Corral breakfast and strawberry picking. My boys completely agreed!! 

After our yummy breakfast of everything we could imagine, we headed to pick berries! This is our fifth year picking at this farm. 

Maddox wasn't feeling pictures. Whatev. 

Then we got to pickin'. and eating. :) 




We just picked a half gallon this year since we are going out of town soon but it was just the right amount. We may be able to get back once more before the season ends! 

We got our favorite slushes that they sell and the boys got to playing! 

There was a calf right out back, too. Both boys loved seeing him! 


The sign out front was just right for our boy even if it wasn't actually for him! 

After berry picking, we came home for a quick lunch and then nap time! That afternoon, we all got into the pool. The water was a bit chilly but it was a blast! 

We made a pizza for dinner and once the boys were in bed, we enjoyed some strawberries with Oreo ice cream! YUM! 

We had to go in to check on Maddox and found Mason like this! LONG DAY again! 

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