Monday, May 7, 2018

The Morgan's Movements 2018 {Week 18}

Last Monday, it was my morning to take Mason to speech. He humored me with a picture. He's been doing so well in his speech that it's a bit remarkable! 

Meanwhile, Maddox impressed his Dad by sitting still for a few minutes. Er, seconds. ;) 

That morning, our neighbor came by with warm Krispy Kreme donuts. We were all happy folks! 

Maddox even decided that Hoop needed a donut, too! 

Cutie pies. And silly billies! 

We headed to Airport Park Monday afternoon or some walking, riding and playing. We had a great time! We even got to see the Sheriff helicopter taking off! 



Tuesday Mason turned 4 1/2. I gave him half a breakfast to celebrate. :) 

Then, we did all of the things he wanted to do! Happy Hollow Park and McDonalds. 

They both love swinging this way! 

They had a great lunch at McDonald's and played a while there, too. Before heading home, I stopped by Bruster's and used a gift card to get Cookie Butter ice cream. Everyone agreed it was a hit! 

That afternoon, Matt took the boys to Hatcher Garden while I worked and they had a blast. 
We ended the day with snuggles and kisses. :) 

Wednesday, we spied on our birds for a bit. 

Thursday was a full day with speech and a few errands. We did school outside, too! 
That afternoon, the boys hunted for worms for the baby birds. Let's just say, it's a good thing they weren't depending on us! 


Matt had two shadows while cutting the grass that afternoon. 

Kris and her girls came over to play and have dinner with us. We LOVED having them! 




Maddox finished out the evening by helping with the blowing. :) 

Skip a day or two...

Saturday evening, Mason and I had plans for a date but when rest time was over, he felt kinda crummy. Those allergies are getting him down! 
So, Matt took Maddox out and Mason and I had a date at home. 

The weekend wore these boys out! 

Sunday, I worked in the morning and Matt did tons of chores around the house. So thankful for him! 
The boys played so well! 
We didn't go to church because while we think Mason is just dealing with allergies, we weren't entirely sure. We are all ready to be done with all sickness! 

After their chores, they needed to rest. Maddox has it down pat! 

And then there was some pants switching going on! 😂


When Maddox laid down for nap, Matt, Mason and I worked on this beauty! 

Matt took Maddox to Grandmom's and Granddad's for dinner. We had planned to all go but Mason woke up from nap feeling crummy again. Saturday night, he had started feeling better and he was fine all morning/early afternoon Sunday but then it hit him again. :(

Anyway, Maddox was a BIG helper! He rewarded himself by giving himself a helping of potato salad. :) 


Here's to no allergy mess next week! 

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