Friday, May 4, 2018

The Morgan's Movements 2018 {Week 17}

Last Monday, we were stuck at home without a car and with a bunch of rain. In all fairness, the neighbor said we could use her car when we needed but honestly, who wants to get out in yucky rain if you don't have to!?!

Matt headed to work and the boys and I settled in at home. 
I turned on Curious George Swings into Spring and popped them some popcorn.   

We did school, played, ate lunch and then everyone napped!

Someone was still sleepy!

Maddox even sat still for a few pictures with me that afternoon! 

One morning, we had a few minutes with Anna here while her mom went to an appointment. Nothing like playing in PJs with your bud before 8:00am! 


Silly bros...

When Anna left, the fun continued. Lots of good play time between these brothers lately! 

 And then Mason hurt his neck. :( He was running from one room to another and just tweaked it. I had to call Matt to come home because he was inconsolable and Maddox was a bit all over the place. Thankfully, we got him settled and after and after a day of rest and a few days of guarding it, he was all well. 

Everyone enjoyed the quiet TV time that came with Mason needing extra rest. :) 

And the ice cream sandwiches from the neighbor helped, too! 

The next day, Maddox woke up with the most hilarious hair! I tried to comb it later but as you can see in the car picture, it didn't work! 


Yep, still wild. We made a trip to Wal-Mart for a few things. They are the best shopping partners. 

We also saw this bus in the parking lot...a bit terrifying! 

Off to Home Depot we went and yep, hair was still crazy! 

Good time with this sweet boy doing school that afternoon. 

Storytime is getting to be quite interesting because Maddox is becoming more and more adventurous. haha! 


And then they chill...

Parachute time was a hit! 


Someone helped me bring in the trash. What a sweet boy! 

And this guy helped Daddy bring in the neighbor's trash can. :) 

Seat snatcher! 

More shopping. These boys love the grocery store! 

We made a quick trip to Target looking for good car activities for our upcoming trip. We have to touch and try on all. of. the. things. 

We went to the library to play for a while. Mason "read" this book to me. Can't believe that it won't be long and he will actually be reading to me! 

Saturday was a beautiful day and we headed to the Airport Park to play and ride bikes/stroll. 

Matt and Mason raced. :) 

Everyone loves this thing. Look at Maddox chilling! 

The park and lunch wore him out and he was giving me some extra snuggles! 

That afternoon, Matt took the boys on a date. Library, Fuji and Barnes and Noble. I was so grateful and they had a blast! 

Sunday afternoon, we discovered some baby mockingbirds in one of our front shrubs. :) 

Sunday evening, Maddox and Mason had their last day of AWANA. Mason said his verses in front of the group and I was so proud! 

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