Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Morgan Family Road Trip 2018: Day 2

Friday morning, Day 2! 
We woke up in Fredericksburg and enjoyed a hotel breakfast. While waiting for Matt to check out, we took pictures. :) 

Thumbs up for a fun day ahead!! 

Of course, we stopped for donuts before leaving town. Two stops: Paul's Bakery and Sugar Shack. 


When we arrived at the Air and Space Museum near Dulles, we tried a few donuts while waiting. 

We were excited for the day!! 

It was drizzling rain but we went to look at this statue before heading inside. 


 As soon as we went inside, we saw this upside down plane that we had seen in a book about the museum. Mason was PUMPED! 

These pictures are random. We saw the space shuttle and tons of planes!!



Maddox wasn't a fan of the shuttle. He kept saying AIRPLANE!! 

Now the planes and helicopters? We all loved that! 

We went up to the observation tower and saw some planes headed to land at Dulles. The view was beautiful. 

There was a story time that day and the boys liked that as well! 

The boys and I went to McDonald's and they ate while Matt walked around for a bit alone. Then we went to the souvenir shop. 

More and more and more planes! 

These planes were the style my Doc worked on when he was an airplane mechanic. 

the repair shop at the museum. 

We got drenched when we left the museum but we were happy because we were headed to Mom-Mom's house! 

We drove through Maryland and ended up in Coatesville around dinner. We were so glad to see Mom-Mom! 

We enjoyed our night visiting with Mom-Mom before we hit the sack for the night! 

Day 2 was great, what will Day 3 hold!? 

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  1. Donuts are not on my current eating plan, so I'm completely living vicariously through your donut tour! THANK YOU!!!! And that museum looks fun. We will have to go there if we ever get out that way!