Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Few More Miscellaneous PA trip pics

Here are just a few more pictures from Pennsylvania. 

How appropriate to see while we were head to the Morgan Family Reunion!

We saw this huge bug in Virginia. It was so strange we had to take a picture. No one could tell us what kind of bug it was either. 

Cousin love...Maybe??

We attempted a "Uncle Matt and Emelia" Picture about 100 times. Not sure we ever got a great one but we got at least one good one! 

They both curl their toes up the same way. :)

Love those two boys. 

22 1/2 weeks in PA!

 "I need a snack, Aunt Leslie" 

Emelia got a little Sunburned! We were sunburn twins! 

One tired little boy! 

And little girl! 

Family cake, even Baby Morgan was included. 

Handsome guys! 

I was hungry! :)

We went to a WaWa while there and they had this fun milkshake machine. The ice cream was already in the cup, you put the cup into the machine. The machine added milk and made a milkshake. BRILLIANT!

Kieran wanted a picture with Uncle Matt! 

The Morning we left, Mom Mom treated us to breakfast at the Brass Eagle. Matt and I both got omelets and my goodness, they were awesome!!! 

Two tired people about to hit the road to drive back to SC! 

On our way out, we finally saw an Amish buggy! I might have freaked. :)

While on our trip, we got a few treats too. Aunt Cathy gave us a Philadelphia mug! 

Holly brought us our birthday gifts too! I got this fun wall art and it's already hanging on our gallery wall! 

And Matt got Flyers mugs! Thanks, Holly! 

It was a good trip. I can't wait to see all of the professional pictures and post some here! 

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  1. I LOVE those Freal machines! There are some gas stations on my way to Dallas that have them...and I always stop at those!