Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Anatomy Scan {Baby Morgan}

On July 3rd, we had our BIG ultrasound. As I mentioned yesterday, I was both thrilled beyond belief and slightly nervous. We both couldn't wait to see the baby. We got to spend about 45 minutes in the ultrasound.

The ultrasound tech was great...a good mix between funny and knowledgeable. Our little one was spine up the whole time and looked so uncomfortable but was apparently quiet cozy because other than extremity movement and head turning, there wasn't much movement. That little stinker! ;-)

I had been told by friends to drink a caffeinated drink but the problem is that I don't really drink caffeine and what little bit I do drink (sweet tea), I don't drink at 8:00 am. Therefore, baby was sleeping. We decided Baby likes to nap like Daddy!

The ultrasound tech said that everything looked great. However, since the baby wouldn't flip over, she couldn't get a couple of alternate heart views that she wanted to get. She is not concerned but just for precaution, she wants to have them.

She was also unable to tell the gender of our little one. She said Baby's legs were crossed tight. Doc said that means it's probably a girl! :) Mom said the same thing. And by the way, except for one person, everyone has said "Girl" so far. So funny to me. I'm staying neutral! :)

We do not want to know the gender ourselves but we wanted the tech to write it on a notecard for us so we could send it to Crystal @ ShopCrystalFaye in order for her to make some monogram items for us for the hospital. However, she won't be getting that fun mail for at least 4 weeks!

During my next appt, the tech will do a quick follow up US and hopefully will see all she needs to see about the heart, etc and maybe baby will opens its legs! haha!

Without any further wait, here is Baby Morgan!

Here is our little Stinker with booty in the air! :)

There is one karate chopping foot that I'm sure I'll start to feel in full strength soon!

Love this little profile! and that NOSE!!!

And here's an arm!

Cutest baby ever, right!?!?!

Just 124 days until due date. Wow, that seems so soon! :)

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