Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pregnancy Update {24 Weeks}

Just under 4 months until baby is due to arrive!

**I am starting to think about freezer meals to have prepared before baby...do you have any favorite freezer meals? Or just favorite meals that would easily freeze? 

**Also, I am trying to plan for a fun treat to have at the hospital for those who come to visit as well as for nurses, etc. I wanted to order special cookies but with babies arrival time not certain. I don't know if that plan would work out. I keep picturing myself in labor trying to make cookies to take to the hospital. Hahaha! Any other ideas of treats to have Besides the usual chocolate bars and cigars? 

**I've been having some CRAZY dreams! I know people say this happens but I never thought it would be this much! I have had dreams about bloggers I have never met being my best friends. Dreams about drive-by shootings. Dreams about crazy foods. Every night, I'm having at least one or two crazy dreams. I stopped telling Matt because he looked at me like I was crazy and hey, I probably am! :)

**We just booked a weekend getaway for August 16th-18th. My 29th birthday is at the end of August and it's my golden birthday and we are going to celebrate this trip as our "babymoon" too. We will stay in Atlanta at a the Melia. No big plans as of now except to eat at Fogo de Chao, Sublime Donuts and to see Rick, Rachel and Charlie! I know, clearly I have my priorities straight! 

**On the night of July 15th, I promise you the baby grew overnight. I woke up and could just feel like the baby was bigger! It was crazy!! 

**I have been so hot during the day with the humidity. I called mom to say "God Bless you for carrying a full term baby in the month of August. You are a Saint!"

**This week, Mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I requested: nursing bras, sports bras and nursing tanks! My how things change!!

**While in the grocery store for necessities, I found it imperative to purchase chocolate covered and powdered sugar mini donuts! 

**I am mostly finished reading "On Becoming Baby Wise" and I decided that I would go back through and outline each chapter to glean the most important information. I feel like a nerd. :)

**We got to see the Soderstrom family for a little bit this past Saturday. My best friend, Jill, is due just 20 days before me. :)

Here are some pictures from 23 1/2 weeks!!

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  1. I had crazy, vivid dreams during one of my pregnancies too! They would often wake me up! :) You look so cute! :) Pregnancy glow for sure:) I know you're looking forward to your upcoming trip and birthday!! ;)