Thursday, July 18, 2013

Wreath Sale

First off, thanks for all of you who commented on my recent post about my wreaths. I am ready to make some new ones but because of budget and time, I haven't yet. I hope to do so soon and when I do, I'll update you! 

Meanwhile, the wreaths I have currently made are going on sale! The follow wreaths are usually listed at $20-$25 but are being reduced to $12-$15 + $8- $10 shipping! Please see each picture for pricing details. 

I have taken them out of the shop for now so if you want to purchase, e-mail me at letting me know which one you want and your paypal address and I'll invoice you for it and get it in the mail ASAP. If there is one you like but can't pay the price listed, e-mail me because we may be able to work something out! Also, if you live local, we can meet up and I won't charge shipping. :)

For additional pictures, e-mail me as well.

I will also be posting some additional fabrics soon that I have in stock and will plan to make some more fabric wreaths and this same reduced price to move inventory! Be on the look out for that post! 

 $15 + $10 shipping: $25 shipped

$15 + $10 shipping: $25 total

 $15 + $8 shipping: $23 total

 $15 +$8 shipping: $23 total

$15 + $8 shipping: $23 total

 $12 +$8 shipping: $20 total

 $13 + $8 shipping: $21 total

$15 + $8 shipping: $23 total 

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