Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pennsylvania or BUST!

At some point in 2012, Matt's paternal grandmother, Mom-Mom, mentioned to one of her daughters that she really wanted updated pictures of her whole family. The last pictures were taken 10+ years ago and since then several more grandchildren were added, great-grandchildren were added and a couple of spouses, including myself.

 In the fall of last year, dates were discussed and the weekend of July 12-14 was chosen. Matt and I decided we would make the drive rather than flying. It was the best decision we could have made because flights were expensive from here and we just had a good time in the car together. 

Like I said, the main purpose of the trip was family pictures. The family hired an amateur photographer, who is just starting his business, to take the pictures. He took a TON of pictures and did an excellent job. Matt's dad has the pictures on a flash drive and we are still awaiting our copy. I'll post those when we get them. 

Meanwhile, we spent some time on Sunday playing outside and took lots of pictures of that. Here are some of those. By the way, we didn't realize it then but apparently, we took lots of pictures of our nephew, Kieran. He was mainly the one outside with us so I guess that's why. Enjoy!

Matt found a frog as soon as we walked outside and Kieran (and Matt) loved it. BOYS! :)

We started a game of invisible baseball! Matt, Shannon, Luke and Kieran all joined in! 

Then it was time for cars and trucks. :)

Kieran raced the truck down the driveway! 

The Morgan siblings had a little pow-wow :)

Sweetest pic. Riley Girl. 

Somehow, I ended up holding Dolphin for like 2 hours. This is the face I made when I realized it was basically glued to my arm. 

These next three pictures are funny. Kieran was having fun with the balloon until...

Sack Race time!! 

I didn't catch the photo finish but I am pretty certain that Ben won! 

Water Balloon time! 

Matt got his dad good! 

Brotherly/Sisterly love :)

Kieran got Pop Pop too! 

Mom-Mom and Patti (and Buddy--think that's its name anyway)

A boy and his balloon...

Having a little chat with PopPop! 

When Matt and I were uploading these pictures, we were surprised that there weren't more pictures and then we realized that Matt had his camera taking pictures and I had another camera taking pictures and obviously, we didn't come home with those pictures. Glad we figured that out, because we were confused! :)

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  1. Those pictures are so awesome! I love the action shots where you caught the balloon popping and the water balloon exploding!