Tuesday, October 1, 2013

34 Weeks {A Pregnancy Update}

Our little one is due 6 weeks from today!!

**On September 21st, we took an Infant CPR class. It was not an official class to become certified but rather just a class designed for friends and family to learn the basics. It was good for us both.

**During this two week period, I also reached the 25 letter mark to Baby. So awesome to me that our little one will have letters to read once he/she is old enough. 

**On September 26th, We had our latest appointment. I was a little sad because I had gained a little more weight than I had expected. The doctor wasn't concerned because she said my overall weight gain is good and since I have had a little swelling, the gain could be from fluid. I was measuring on target and we heard a strong heartbeat which just never gets old! I will go back on 10/10 and I'll have my Group B strep test and then I'll start going weekly after that.

**Yesterday, September 30th, was my official last day of full time work. I will still continue to do PRN work for the rest of October when I'm called or until baby comes but after that no work until the first of the year. Then, I'll strictly be PRN.

**We have been behind on house type work for a little bit and it was out of control. We made a list and got it done. I would say that's the last big clean before baby. Now, I've established a daily/weekly/monthly list to help me in this department once I am settled in with our little one.

**Weird things be happenin'. I've have hand numbness and ear pain. From what I read, these are both associated with pregnancy and are nothing to be alarmed by. But they are so strange!

**We spent this past weekend in Knoxville with friends. More pictures to come of that!

32 weeks, 3 days

33 weeks, 1 day (day of baby shower at work)

33 weeks, 2 days

Took advantage of this recently! 


  1. You look beautiful!! :) I always thought it was so hard to go in each month and see the numbers keep going up on the scale...but don't worry! I always tell everyone that the day your baby is born, you'll at least lose 8-10 pounds! :) Can't believe you only have 6 weeks left!!

    1. Thanks, Dawn! I still feel really good too which is such a blessing! Hope you are doing well!