Tuesday, October 29, 2013

38 weeks {A Pregnancy Update}

**We are two weeks away from Baby Morgan's official Due Date! I cannot believe we are so close! :)

**We have had a good couple of weeks. At my 36 week, 2 day appointment, the doctor said everything still looks good. Baby was head down at that appointment and we are hoping it stays that way. I did get the results of my Group B strep test which was positive. No biggie there except I'll have to have an IV antibiotic before delivery. Doctor said it should inhibit my desire for natural labor since each dose only takes about 15 minutes to go in and I should likely only need two doses. It does mean that I'll need to be at the hospital in time for those antibiotics to be placed. 

**I've had a little bit of swelling but nothing consistent. I've been wearing my tennis shoes when I go do PRN work and then my flip flops the rest of the time. On Sunday, October 20th, I tried to put on my dress shoes for church and to my shock and surprise, they didn't fit! I honestly couldn't believe it! Despite it being 50 degrees that morning, I ended up wearing flip flops to church! HA!

**I got hit on in Wal-Mart one morning when I went in to buy hairspray. I used to love Wal-Mart and then I stopped shopping there because I got tired of there just being one register open every time I went. I hopped in there the other day because I was at Home Depot (right next door) and needed a few things. The shopping experience was fine until I got to the register and some middle-aged dorky guy buying hot wheels hit on me. UGH! I'm sure it's because I don't have my rings on and therefore, don't appear to be married but come on, I am CLEARLY pregnant!! 

**I've spent of time trying to get over this crazy cold. I felt better after a few days but the runny nose and fluid in my ears persisted. For several days, I felt like my head was in a bucket. It was awful annoying!

**I have been doing lots of exercises including squatting, pelvic tilts, etc but I haven't been doing a ton of focused walking. On days when I work PRN, I get lots of walking in but I haven't been doing much walking on other days. I decided to change that on the day I was 37 weeks. I went walking around the mall and I was getting passed up by the old folks! :)

**Appointment at 37 weeks, 2 days: We heard another strong heart rate at 143. The nurse practitioner checked my cervix for the first time. Boy, was that a blast! :) She said I'm not dilated but that the baby is still head down and that he/she is low which is a good thing. We discussed times when I may need to call the doctor and/or go to the hospital so that was reassuring. She was positive and said everything looked good. 

**Matt has a busy week coming up preparing for inventory at work and next Monday, my Mom comes to stay for 2 weeks, so we went out for 2 dates this weekend! Likely our last before baby! Friday, we went to dinner at Golden Corral of all places and then walked around a local state park. On Sunday, after church, we walked all over downtown Spartanburg and then had brunch at Delaney's. Matt had the Irish Omelet and I had Chicken and Waffles. YUM!!!

Here are a few pictures from this two week time frame:

Matt reading to the Baby and to our little furry friends. ;-)

We put up our Christmas tree!! 

Sweet cards from Family and friends

Clean baby clothes in the closet! EEK!

36 weeks, 2 days

Our first LSU baby item. It's a CUTE book!

36 weeks, 3 days; felt extra pregnant this day! 

37 weeks

37 weeks, 1 day

37 weeks, 2 days

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