Friday, October 25, 2013

My Man {The Soon-to-be Dad}

Y'all, my husband is awesome. I mean, if you read this blog at all, then you already know that BUT just to re-iterate, he rocks. Throughout my entire pregnancy, he has literally been amazing. Let me count the ways! (in no particular order and certainly not all inclusive)

--Helping me cook often; especially once he got his grill

--rubbing my feet almost every night and pretty much whenever I asked him to or didn't ask him to

--attending childbirth classes, breastfeeding classes, infant care class, and infant CPR class

--putting together the crib and all other items we've received that had to be assembled

--installing the car seat

--encouraging me in my desire for natural labor and delivery by helping me with breathing, relaxation and physical exercises

--letting me cry at times when who knows why in the world I was crying

--indulging in my cravings for ice cream, french fries, pizza etc with me

--joining me in celebrating and enjoying our last days as "2" before we become "3"

--working hard at his job and being confident in his position so that I could stop working full time and stay home with the baby once he/she arrives

--taking countless weekly pictures of me including maternity pictures

--reading to our baby almost every night

--driving to Greenville early in my pregnancy to purchase grapes for me just because they were on sale!

--dreaming with me about what our baby will be like, look like etc

--talking with me about how we will raise our children

--attending EVERY prenatal appointment with me!!

Dear Matt, 

I can't believe we began this pregnancy journey 8 1/2 months ago and that we are now so close to meeting our little one. You and I have made a good great team for the last 3 years and I am so excited that we are expanding our family and adding a little boy or little girl Morgan to the mix. We've dreamed about this since we first got married and now is the time. Will our little one look like you or me or the best combination of each of us? Will he or she be like me or you in personality or the best of each of us? One thing is for sure, we are about to find out! Our lives are about to change for the better and there is absolutely NO ONE else on this planet I would want to be on this journey with! 

I'll keep you!

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  1. a blessing - a wonderful blessing. So thankful you have gotten the support you need during this exciting but emotional time. With God as the center, you two are a powerhouse together. :) Congrats to both of you.