Wednesday, October 30, 2013 October??

Y'all, The Christmas Season has officially started at the Morgan household! It's kinda funny really because growing up, my Mom always decorated either on the night of Thanksgiving or the next day and that's how I'd always done it myself. Our first married Christmas, we decorated the day before Thanksgiving because we had just moved into our apartment in Spartanburg and it was just good timing. 

Well, last year we moved into a new place at the beginning of October and we had to put several things into storage. We had two options, put all of the Christmas items into storage across town and have to go back and get them closer to Christmas OR go ahead and decorate in October. We chose the latter.

This year, we are due to have a Baby in 2 weeks and I just couldn't think about trying to decorate with a newborn etc. So, we put up our tree again in October. I'm actually really excited to have it up because we are having lots of house guests around baby's arrival and it will be there and done. For now, it sits in the corner unlit because I'm not quite ready to turn on the tree just yet! 

Along with the tree going up, we also finished our Christmas shopping. It may sound like a big feat but we literally made a list back in the summer and had ordered most gifts online or had them made. Not to mention that we purchased only a few gifts, I think 10 in total. So, don't go thinking I'm super woman because trust me, that's not true!! :) It does feel good to have Christmas gifts taken care of so that when family is in town and Baby arrives, we can just enjoy the holiday season! 

We didn't put out all of the other Christmas decorations yet. The rest of the house is decorated for Fall. May look a bit like the Beverly Hillbillies live here! :)

We have less than two weeks until DUE DATE!. GiGi (My Mom) arrives November 4th and stays through the 18th. Hopefully Baby decides to come while she is here! PawPaw (My Dad) arrives the 18th and will stay close to a week. Then, Matt is off for a full 9 days and his parents will be here that whole time, November 23rd-December 1st. So, as long as baby comes close to on time, he or she should get to meet all Grandparents within the first few weeks of life! 

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