Friday, January 2, 2015

Christmas 2014

When Matt and I got married, we decided that we really wanted to have low key holidays, especially Christmas. We wanted to be at home, in our pajamas and just hanging out. This is our fourth Christmas and so far, we have spent all four of them doing just that! They have varied each year with various people stopping by or it just being us but nonetheless, they have been marvelous! 

Our original plan for this year was to have Matt's grandparents here for the morning for breakfast and to stay with us some of the day. Matt's grandmother had to have her gallbladder removed on Christmas Eve but she felt pretty good and they were able to come anyway. Matt's Uncle Wesley is in town staying with his grandparents, so he came, too! They weren't able to stay as long as we hoped because Grandmom was worn out, expectedly, but we enjoyed the time we had. 

Here are some pictures of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. 

I dressed my little guy up for Christmas Eve to go meet Dad for Waffle House. ;-)
Again, he is a PRO and putting the food/drink/toy in front of his mouth before picture time! 

Same thing with Momma...oh, this boy! 

Before we met up with Dad, we stopped by Aldi to get some icing for our sugar cookies. 

Then, we stopped Grandmom and Granddad's apartment to bring them dinner. Mason got to meet his Great-Uncle Wesley. They had a little play time before we headed to meet Dad. 

We decided to be real classy so we enjoyed dinner at Waffle House. It ended up being a perfect choice and it was so good! 

We made it home with a little time for play before bed. 

And then, we got a few pictures together which at the end of the evening is always a fun time. Hence, the million pictures. :)

Earlier in the week, we snuck something small into Matt's stocking so we gave it to him on Christmas Eve. I shook it a little bit and then Mason shook it while bringing it over to Matt. It was so cute! 

After MMM was in bed, we watched God's Not Dead by the light of the Christmas tree and ate cookies. 

Ready for Christmas Eve Sleep in our Christmas PJs. 

Christmas morning came quickly and we remained in our PJs! 

Grandmom, Granddad and Uncle Wes came over around 8. We ate cinnamon roll casserole, made sugar cookies and Mason opened his presents. It was a nice and fun morning. 

Mason loved opening his presents. He was quite meticulous tearing strips of paper and making sure everyone got to have a piece of it. 

After everyone left, we enjoyed our lunch/snacks of crackers, cheese, cookies, and sausage. It was all so good and just what we wanted! 

Attempts at Christmas PJ selfies were futile. 

This one from FaceTime with Mom is probably the best one. 

The day ended with some sillies. It was a good day together. 

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  1. Looks like y'all had a great Christmas! We eat at Waffle House on Christmas Eve too! Love the pictures of Mason in the oven drawer, so cute!