Friday, January 23, 2015

Morgan Family Staycation 2015 {Day 3 - Charlotte}

As well as lots of "staying" during our staycation, we also wanted to have a few adventures. Our first adventure was to Charlotte which is just about an hour or so from our house. They have a big mall (SouthPark) and a Cheesecake Factory so we knew it would be fun!
We set out early and Mason and I were backseat buddies! 

Although Mason has given up morning nap, that hour+ in the car just wore him out! :)

Ready to explore!

When we arrived at the mall, it was snack time! 

Okay, so this may be inappropriate but I couldn't resist the picture. Each of the department stores in the mall are HUGE and had HUGE bathrooms which were family friendly. Big plus! Anyway, the bathroom in Belk had this itty bitty short toilet. I had to take a picture! 

Mason LOVED this big fountain! We gave him a penny to throw in but he didn't want to let it go! 

We did lots of walking and we stopped in this amazing furniture store and I LOVED this chair. 

Next stop were stores with a few toys for Mason to play with while we browsed. 

We found a Curious George buddy for Mason. He already has one so we didn't buy this one but we liked it because it was fuzzy. :)

Mason loved the fish in Nordstrom. 

Our first visit to Nordstrom. It was a nice store but nothing remarkable. 

Next up, lunch at Cheesecake Factory which was AMAZING! Matt and I shared Louisiana Chicken Pasta and we got Mason some burger sliders. 

Then, we split Adam's Peanut Butter Fudge Ripple cheesecake!!! 

Matt got to look at a Maserati and that put both he and Mason into car heaven. 

Side note about the mall: Mason was walking some and he started walking backwards. It was so hilarious! 

On the way home, Mason fell asleep quickly and Matt and I stopped at 7-Eleven! 

On our way home, we stopped in Gaffney at a local donut place called Sunny's Donuts and got some AMAZING donuts! Seriously, best ever! 

When we got home, Mason had a bath and we let him run around naked for a bit which we never do. And then, he tee-teed which is exactly why we never let him run around naked. Lesson learned!!! :)
I got other pictures but this one doesn't show much so I'll share it but not the others! 

The two adults ended the night acting a little goofy. As usual. :)

Day 3 of Staycation was a BLAST! Go Team Morgan! :)

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  1. Day 3 sounds just as awesome as days 1 and 2! I love going to the Southpark mall mainly for the cheesecake factory- everything else there is SOOOO high priced! We also always include Ikea into that trip because any trip to Charlotte requires going to Ikea! We go to the Gaffney outlets a lot but I am going to have to check out the donut shop on our next trip there- I love a good donut!