Monday, January 5, 2015

When those unexpected blessings come...

Y'all, last Tuesday was probably my worst day in the last 14 months of being a Mom. Before I go on, let me just say, I know that those days come and will come again and I've moved forward. :)

But, just to recap. We have been dealing with some sleep issues with MMM, crankiness, and it kind of all came to a head that day. He cried, I consoled. He fussed, I tried to help. He misbehaved, I yelled. It was just rough. Matt got home and we discussed it all. We gave lots of love to our boy. We went to bed and said "Tomorrow is a new day". And lo and behold, I woke up Wednesday and went to work for a bit. On the way, I talked to a dear friend who gave some good advice. I felt refreshed just from the beginning. 

When I got home, Mason and I played a bit and headed out for the morning. It was fun walking around Target and going to story time at the library. 

On the way home, we stopped by the grocery to pick up 4 items that we needed. We got in line behind an older couple. We smiled and they smiled back and I started talking to the lady behind me who had two children. When it was our turn to check out, I noticed the cashier was putting the groceries through but the lady in front of us wasn't moving yet. I was confused but I just waited. As she moved, I walked forward and the cashier said "That couple paid for your groceries" I was shocked and was able to hold my tears until we left the store. 

Y'all, that was just God saying "Life is hard some days but others, it's just amazing." 

Thank you, Lord, for closing out 2014 with an extra blessing and the promise that 2015 will be amazing. We love you. 


  1. Oh wow! Isn't that just wonderful when something like that happens!!!