Friday, May 1, 2015

Mason: 18 Months {An Update}

When I sat down to start writing about the last few months between 15 and 18 months, it seemed almost impossible! Mason has grown and changed so much! I decided bullet points are easiest. Enjoy a catch up on Mason and some fun pictures of our sweet boy!

*climbing on EVERYTHING!!

*pushing toys around the house

*gave me my first Valentine

*LA trip February to visit GiGi, Rarry, PawPaw and MiMi! *Actually saw all grandparents in February and March

*knows these animal sounds: cow, dog, sheep, snake, monkey, chicken, duck, cat, pig, lion

*so many new words; I would say he knows about 50 now. He obviously has his favorites that he uses daily but he knows so many! 

*Signing and saying "thank you" without cues now

*loves Curious George--the stuffed animal, the books, the movie, the TV show

*Overnight with The Rasnake's while Mom and Dad had a date

*Spent several days with Jenn while Mom worked in March and April

*Children's museum at 3/17 with Dad

*Attending more MOMS club events

*Water table fun now that it is warming up

*First egg hunt with MOMS club and then a small one at home with Mom and Dad

*fun days with Dad while Mom worked

*trying to put his shoes and socks on by himself

*wearing size 2T and 3T clothes and PJs; wearing size 6 shoes

*Signs please, eat, help, again, finished, thank you, 

*jumped on the trampoline 4/8/15 for the first time and LOVED it!

*Loves to be naked especially after bath

*hates having his face washed after meal time

*Loves going to MOPS and to Wonderway at church. He walks in like such a big boy! 

*has started helping to wipe the table and clean up after dinner

*Loves to play outside and can find the smallest amount of dirt and/or water anywhere to play in

*Is learning how to share and doing a pretty good job of it, most days

*Has a strong personality and opinion (just like his Mama!)

*Still sleeping 7-7 each night and taking a 2 hour nap each day

It's been a GOOD three months and we are soooo proud of our sweet boy! 

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