Thursday, May 7, 2015

Spring Fling 2015

We love our town and they host some of the best events. Spring Fling is probably our favorite. 

My guys were ready! 

The COOLEST kid I know! 

Touching an old Army Jeep. 


Listening to music

Mason got a little taste of cotton candy from one of the local vendors. We shared a sausage dog, fries and a greek gyro. So good! 

My best guy! 

Love our little family

Lots of fun watching the bike racers

Mason's 1st time riding the carousel. 

Ready for the dog show! We kept watching his facial expressions and only got pictures of that because he was so focused! 

Cracking up at those dogs! 

We finished the night off with a funnel cake with cinnamon sugar and strawberry Italian Ice. 

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