Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Morgan's Movements {Mid-May 2015}

We have had several busy and fun days and many not so busy and fun days when our sweet boy wasn't feeling well! 

Mason has become a very very BIG helper! He helps with laundry, sweeping and in this picture, he is helping with the groceries. 

A little hang time in his tent. 

Oh this BOY!

"Hey Mom! Look! All of my toys fit in here!"

Mr. Explorer/King of the Mountain! 

Again, I cannot stop with the pictures when he wears the glasses. :)

Mother's Day 2015 was a low key one. Matt had to work, Mason wasn't feeling well and so Mason and I had a quick lunch at CiCi's and then we hung out at the house. Another post more about that day coming later.

Monday morning after Mother's Day found us at the doctor's office. 

Mason was diagnosed with an ear infection in his right ear and had a fever for nearly 6 days!!!! We were pretty much house bound for a whole week.

We got lots of sweet sweet snuggles! 

And look at these slippers!!!!! 

And Mason is REALLY good at pulling out all of the toys even if he is sick. 

When you're sick, you get to watch Curious George in your tent. Sweet little love. 

All of the hearts!

Snuggles with Daddy. 

Mason still sleeps without a pillow but he is infatuated with pillows right now. He looks so adorable laying on one too! :)

Sick days equaled lots and lots of looking out of the window. 


I caught him mid-cough and this was the result. I LOVE THIS PICTURE!

Just reading a few boys before bed. 

I know, I know! I can't help it! 

This loud boy covered his ears when a truck drove by one day. He was cracking me up. 

Bottoms up for coffee milk! 

And for yogurt apparently. 

I worked one day and had some extra time for myself and I stopped at Cook-Out for lunch. YUM YUM YUM!

Sweet "sleep" with Daddy

Mason's fever broke after nearly a week of it and we broke out for a Target trip. Mason pet this dog statue. He was so happy! 

A little ride in the big cart. 

And trying on a few hats for fun. 

After Target, we got crazy! and went to the library for some playtime 

That wore us out so Mason had to bottoms up again with his food. This kid...

Looking to find a new recipe for Mom. 

Matt went to get Mason up one morning and he had taken off his pants! 

Coffee Milk? 

The Sunday after Mother's Day I had to work so Matt and Mason headed to church. I knew they would be stylin' (because I picked out their clothes before I left ;)) so I asked for some pictures. Matt said right before they left, Mason ran back into the living room and said "Truck!" and grabbed this truck before walking out the door. :)


Stylin' right???

Mason was playing with his shoes one morning when Matt opened the fridge. He ran over there and tossed them inside. Silly! 

Sprinkler fun! 

Matt's grandparents came by one day and Mason handed out treats...toilet paper! 

Time for reading! 

Ready for swim lessons! 

There he goes! 

Fun in the locker. If we can't find him at the YMCA, he might be in the lockers. ;)

Ready to run a mile in Daddy's shoes

Bubble Bath time! 

In between all of these pictures, we have spent some time at the YMCA swimming as a family, Matt and I have had some at-home date nights, and I've read several books. Lots of goodness for the Morgans. 

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