Monday, May 11, 2015

The Morgan's Movements {Early May 2015}

Wow-ee, the hot days are upon us. I know it will get much hotter but we had some super cool days and then we went up to high 80's in a snap! We remedied that with a popsicle!

Matt gave Mason a little driving lesson. :)

Matt had to work the 1st and 2nd Sunday of this month so I was on my own with my best boy for church! Getting a picture together when it's time to go somewhere is like herding cats! 

Daddy spoiled our sweet boy with another popsicle...this time a bomb pop! 

Sweet boy was worn out! 

I made Mason a flower necklace! He loved it! Once he realized what I was doing, he started picking flowers and handing them to me until it was done. 

A little bit of reading with Grandmom. 

And snuggles with Daddy before bed. 

We usually keep the stroller in the trunk of the car but one evening, I had to take it out to put a few things in it and we brought the stroller inside. The next day, Mason insisted on sitting in it. Like, most of the day. It was cracking me up! 

He was only out of it in time to fix my hair. :)

And then, right back to it! 

Matt and I discussed last week that in order to be the best "us", we need to be the best of ourselves individually. We decided to incorporate weekly "timeouts". They will vary each week and as time progresses, they may become bi-weekly but we will see how it goes. I went out Thursday of last week and had dinner, shopped a bit and then I ate fro-yo. It was so nice. 
Matt had his "turn" on Friday and he went to the YMCA to work out and then to eat and just hang out. 
We are still having our weekly night that we dedicate to just us as well. We are hoping we just keep improving our marriage, day by day. I love my best guy! 


He picked up his blue chair, put it in the empty pool, grabbed his water and had a seat to "chill". 

And in an effort to make sure that no toys were left out, Mason played with ALL of them! 

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