Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Crafty Playdate!

Our friends, Mrs. Kris and Anna, came over for a playdate on September 30th. Kris had the fun idea to do a craft that she found online. The kids enjoyed it and we did, too. 

They shook up the popcorn to get it covered in food coloring. 

We had pre-glued the sticks and gave the kids glue and had them dip the popcorn and glue it on to the paper. We helped some, too. :) And the kids ate plenty of popcorn. :)

The finished product of our craft. :)

Oh! I almost forgot, juice breaks were required!

Since Anna lives way out in the country and doesn't see cars out of her front window each day, Mason showed her the ropes. :)

We LOVE playdates with our buddy, Anna!

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