Monday, October 19, 2015

Open Letters {10}

Dear Jomeka,

Getting to make turkeys last week with painted handprints was a blast! What a great idea! YOU ROCK!

Love, Leslie and Mason

Dear Weekends, 

While I wish you were longer, you are still indeed pretty awesome.

Love, People who now love the weekends!

Dear Mason's 2nd Birthday, 

You sure are coming awfully soon! 13 days!!

Sincerely, Mom who can't believe she is about to have a 2 year old!

Dear Indulgent Trail Mix from Wal-Mart, 

I enjoyed you greatly but I will not buy you again for a long time. 

Un-Love, Woman who gained 2.5 pounds from one bag ;-)

Dear Pumpkins, 

I once thought you cute. Now that I have 17 of you at my house, I'm not so sure!

Sincerely, Mom of a child who loves pumpkins

Dear Mason, 

The fact that you can now make the sound for a rooster is awesome. It is hilarious and I laugh EVERY time!

Love, Your Momma

Dear Matt, 

Thanks for always being Mr. Mom when it's needed whether it be for me to work or because I'm sick. You always step in and are awesome. 

Love, Your Blessed Wife

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