Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Morgan's Movements {Late September}

Wow! It's October already! The last ten days of September were full and fun! 

Mason woke up early one morning and when I got him out of his crib, he went straight for his toolbox and began to "fix" his bed. He worked hard for a while so I'm certain he got it all taken care of for us. :)

That same morning, Mason and I met Matt at Golden Corral for breakfast. It's definitely one of our happy places. :)

When we left, Mason took one of the half & half containers with him and when I backed out, he burst it all over the car. It was pretty darn funny!

Mason continues to show that his belly button is his best and favorite asset.

We had a fun playdate with our buddy Anna. 

Mason and I began working hard on our construction skills and our counting skills. :)

And I got some gooooood snuggles!!

One silly boy!

We met our friends at the park for a playdate. I love love love this sweet boy! 

Mason found this stick and picked it up and began to use it as a hammer. So smart!

We LOVE the park!

We had a quick MD appointment for Mason to have a bite check out and thankfully all was fine. We had some fun while we waited. :)

Ready to go outside! 

I gave my guys a ride down the driveway in the back on the truck. FUN! 

Fun in the back of the his diaper and his boots. It's a good life! 

We made a visit to see Dad at work.

And Mason got his first pumpkin!! 

And he was my shopping buddy, too. He had to try a new position in the cart. ;-)

We had a quick date to Chick-fil-A and some 1/2 price ice cream at Sonic. We love a good cheap date and we like to splurge when Daddy's at church on Wednesday nights and it's just us two. 

I continued to admire the Pioneer Woman's line at Wal-Mart and I told Matt I NEED this for Christmas. :)

And this, too! 

And Mason got to see the fish! 

Mason and I had a fun visit with Grandmom and Granddad and enjoyed a yummy lunch with them! 

Mason is showing me how he closes his eyes. ;)

The fun I have with this kid!!! 

He and Dad have fun, too! 

See? FUN!! 

On one of the (many) rainy days, we snuggled up with Theo and watched a chipmunk movie! 

Mason did a little painting. I got this pumpkin with paint and brush included for $1 at Target! 

We did a little hard labor hauling things. 

One morning, Matt and Mason had a picnic with all of the buddies. I am glad it was pretend food or our grocery budget would have been in trouble! 

We finally decided to brave the rain and head out to see friends at Krispy Kreme for free donut and coffee day! 

Mason was loved on by this sweet lady and he loved his donut! 


Our friends came over to play for a while and then, Mason got a little crazy. ;-)

A rainy afternoon Target trip calmed him right down...haha! 

Telling me what he wants for dinner :)

Silly boy!!1 


Watching out for the green waste truck. SUCH FUN! 

We ended the last day of September with a quick CiCi's date (again while Dad was at church). 

And of course, snuggles. He was snuggled up so close. He looks mad in this picture but he wasn't. We were both happy happy! 

We are ready for you, October!! 

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