Monday, October 5, 2015

Open Letters {8}

Dear "People",

Don't believe everything you read or see. National Daughter's Day doesn't actually exist. Despite what Facebook and Instagram said a couple of weeks ago.

Someone who Googles to figure out the truth ;-)

Dear Spartanburg Greek Fest, 

You sure made us happy on that rainy day we had last weekend. The greek combo platter, the gyro, and the pastries. YUM!!!

Sincerely, A Woman who is still full

Dear Rain, 

Despite what others said, I actually thought you were great! Who doesn't love a good excuse to stay inside for a bit. :)

Sincerely, Rain Lover (Most of the Time)

Dear Home Depot, 

You sure reeled us in with your incredible pumpkin display. Mason walked in, saw a pumpkin his size and quickly claimed it as his. 

Thanks, I think 

Dear Matt, 

Thanks for being a "yes" Dad so much of the time. Mason walked up to you with his pumpkin and you didn't hesitate to say "Sure". I don't think he has put that pumpkin down since then. 

Love, Your Grateful Wife

Dear Atlanta, 

See you in 4 days!!! We are coming for you Fogo de Chao, IKEA, Sublime Donuts, Georgia Aquarium and MORE!!

Love, Three Happy Morgans!!

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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one to google whether it's actually a "national something day" haha! And I love the rain too although I'm glad for sunshine sometimes rain is a nice way to relax. And we are headed to Atlanta in a few weeks for ikea and the aquarium as our last getaway as a family of 3! Hope you guys have a blast on your trip!!