Friday, October 16, 2015

Atlanta Getaway: Day 1 {October 2015}

Several months back, Matt and I began discussing and saving for a little weekend family getaway. We knew that we were foregoing a birthday party for Mason this year in exchange for a fun adventure. Since that was the case, we decided to add in even more family fun along with it. 

We set out Friday morning for a fun, fun trip. We were all smiles!!! 

And some goofiness thrown in as well.

Mason did a little reading on the long (2.5 hour) trip. 

And, he did a little sleeping. :)

We made it to Atlanta without any traffic issues, YAY! But since that was the case, we were early for our lunch reservations so we headed to Target to browse for a bit. Mason was pretty happy about that!

More hat fun! 

After a little browsing, we made our way to Fogo de Chao for our amazing Brazilian Steak house adventure. 

Posing with the ribs! 

In his happy place! 

Mason was, too. People watching, watching meat cook, etc...

I was there, too. :)

All of that steak made Mason think he was a MAN and he wanted to drive to the next stop. 

Love my main man! 

Mason was in the back saying "cheese". 

We made a trip to IKEA and then headed to the hotel. It was right near where they are building the new Braves' stadium. Mason loved seeing that construction! 

"MOM! Look at all of this stuff in this room!" 

We brought lots of snacks with us and after a quick afternoon swim, we came back inside to enjoy them. We don't have a microwave at home and we usually make popcorn on the stovetop because of that. I love it that way but when I knew we'd have a microwave in our room, I picked one of my snacks to be popcorn! 

Mason enjoyed spending the rest of the evening placing his toys in fun places. :) 

And being cool :)


Mason LOVED the king size bed! 

It was a great first day in Atlanta. More to come on Day 2! 

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