Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Louisiana Trip Pictures - Matt's Camera {November/December 2015}

Our Louisiana trip seems like it was a lifetime ago and I'm guessing that's because Christmas and New Year's and our anniversary have happened since then. Oh, and Mason and I were sick off and on for a period of time which made blogging difficult. Glad Mason is past his and I'm moving through mine! 

Nonetheless, here are the pictures Matt took with his camera while we were there. 

Mason was SUPER independent at Uncle Jay's house on this trip. He was determined to climb on EVERY machine he could. Haha!

I love my boy...and his silly expressions! 

Rarry, GiGi, and Mason

with me added in! 

The whole gang. 

Like I mentioned before, MiMi gave us some money for our Christmas gift to take Mason to the zoo. We had such a fun time!! 
Mason and I were READY to go! 

Oh wait! We have to touch everything first. :)

We had so much fun exploring, stopping to see each animal, and just spending time together. 
Most of these pictures speak for themselves so I won't comment much. 

AH!!! He is licking the pole like the giraffe was doing...oh my word! 

Aren't these pictures awesome?!?!

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  1. Minus the snake pictures, I loved all these!! {Snakes freak me OUT!!!!} Such fun you guys have!!