Monday, January 4, 2016

The Morgan's Movements {Late December 2015}

WOW!!! 2015 IS OVER!!!

Let's recap how we finished out this past year. 

You guys, this guy is so in love with reading!

We loaded up in the car one night after our family Christmas and headed to look at Christmas our PJs!!

We saw lights at the Christmas House and it did not disappoint. 

We obviously love painting as has been evidenced by plenty of pictures this year. Late December 2015 was no different! 

As you've seen in a previous post, I'm expecting a baby due in June. My biggest craving? Salad!! 

It should be mentioned that most of December 2015 either Mason or I were sick. He had hand, foot and mouth and just a cold. I ended the year with a cold that had lasted over 3 weeks. Here are our sick faces...Mason's are much cuter than mine! 

One day after nap, he woke up just BLAH as you can see below. 

Despite sickness, I was able to work most of my PRN work. Matt and Mason continued to enjoy their Dad/Mason evening time. 

After tons of sickness and rain, we had to get creative for our days. Balloons did the trick! 

We also made a craft for Mason to give his PopPop and Mammy for Christmas. 

Anna came over to play and they enjoyed some bed jumping. ;-)

And couch jumping...

I kept this Christmas cactus alive for 3 years and here it is blooming this year. I love it so! 

Sweet guys! 

We also did some acrobatics! 

We took a trip to Home Depot to visit Dad and to get some energy out! 

One of Mason's christmas gifts was a jar of color tabs for the bath water. He LOVES them! 

On Christmas Day, I headed to work and my guys headed to Montgomery. One last picture before they headed didn't matter if it was dark! 

Matt sent pictures along the way (safely). Mason enjoyed some reading on the road. 

They saw some beautiful rainbows and a sunrise on their drive as well. 

Thank goodness for sunglasses! 

Since my guys were gone, I was able to eat whatever I wanted and I picked chicken patty sandwiches and doritos. It was so good! haha! 

What we were most excited about for Matt and Mason's trip (besides the visit itself, of course) was Mason getting to see his PopPop's trains and play with them with him. Matt sent some pictures! 


(pants optional for Mason)

They went downtown in Montgomery and the rain had made some crazy flooding. Look at all of that water!! 

My second night alone, Kris brought me some dinner. I made a yummy ham sandwich and chicken tortilla soup. My eyes were bigger than my stomach because I ate two bites of the soup and put it away for another night. It was all so good though. 

Meanwhile, back in Montgomery. More fun in late December in SHORTS! Boy, it was a hot ending to this year. 

Sweet (momentary) snuggles between Mason and PopPop

On the 27th, My guys came home!!! I enjoyed my quiet time so much but I was ready to see them!

After they returned and nap took place, we headed to the grocery store for some dinner ingredients. Mason picked up a tomato and held it for the whole grocery trip. I told him he could have it once we paid for it. We paid for it and immediately he took a bite of it! He ate that whole thing. We were cracking up! 

Monday was a big day for us! We headed to my 16+ week appointment and we got to hear sweet baby's heartbeat and we announced to everyone we love that a baby is on the way!! 
Mason is excited to be a big brother...although he really has little knowledge about how that actually happens. :)


He went and got his stethoscope and put it on my belly and checked baby's heartbeat saying "boom boom boom boom". He's a smart little fella! 

For Christmas, PopPop and Mammy (Mason's version of Grammy) gave Mason the movie, Cars, so he got to watch that. He LOVES it! 

Here's a pic of baby! This was at 13+ weeks...just over 4 weeks ago. 

Monday night when Matt got home we had some fun family time. Blockheads...;-)

One morning, I found Mason like this. See? He loves to read! 

I love the way he is looking at me here...silly Mama! 

"The Thinker"

Mason got some new markers for Christmas and included in them were some window/mirror markers which are so fun! Mason enjoyed those along with his other markers. 

You guys!!! Look how big he looks here!!! 

As mentioned, I've been under the weather. My mom has been sending me all kinds of remedies/ideas etc via text and e-mail. I teased her the other day by sending this picture...haha! 

A little morning snack...he had been begging for a "treat" the day before so I obliged for morning snack. :)

We had a New Year's Eve lunch at Wades to celebrate our anniversary a day early. When we got home, we exchanged our gifts. The traditional gift for this year, which we typically do, is wood. 
I got Matt a wooden wallet which he LOVES!

He got me these beautiful wooden earrings and a cool wooden pendant for my chain! 

We ended the year with taking Mason on a YOMO date. He was so confused that only he was getting yogurt. It was so sweet. 

My mom sent us some Salted Caramel oreos for our Anniversary/Congrats on new baby and we indulged in them on New Year's Eve before heading to bed. ;-)

Despite my sickness, we still ended the year on a good note. Bring it on, 2016! 

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  1. Fun fun fun!!! Loved these pictures! I think you're getting gypped by craving salad though. Shouldn't you get to crave chocolate or something bad for you like that? LOL!!!