Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Morgan's Movements {Mid-January 2016}

There wasn't much left to Mid-January once staycation was over but here are  the highlights! 

Staycation ended with Mason getting the stomach bug about 11:20 last Sunday night. None of us slept much and little guy threw up several times over the course of 6 hours. 

He took a morning nap that day and an afternoon nap. He was well rested for sure. He recovered quickly and thankfully was up for drinking plenty of water! 

Tuesday was another recovery day with lots of inside play including block stacking and mail opening. :)

I had to work that night and Matt and Mason enjoyed their guy time, as always! 

Wednesday was an early day with a health assessment at HD and then MOPS. After nap, we headed out to Wal-mart. 
I finally got my butter dish! Thanks to a gift card from Christmas and Mason got some mittens! 

Handsome-est guy in the world! 

Thursday we got out for groceries and storytime because we knew Friday would bring snow/ice/wintry mix. Mason was talking the whole time I was trying to take pictures. haha! 
(He touched a diaper on the table to be thrown in the trash and said "Stinky poop". hahaha!)

Another happy night for my guys ended mid-January! 

More to come with a snowed/iced in day. :)

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