Friday, January 15, 2016

The Morgan's Movements {Early January 2016}

Whew!!! Let's play catch up! This past couple of weeks, I have been recovering from sickness (a stinky cold and cough) and then Matt was out of town with the computer with him, so no blogging happened. But hey, That's life! Let's see what the Morgans have been up to these day! 

My friend, Kris, posted about Rice Krispies and you guys, I. could. not. resist! I had to make some for us! Most days I've craved salad so I was pretty pumped to crave something exciting!!! 

January 1st was our anniversary and I was, unfortunately, feeling crummy but Matt and Mason got out for some fun Hatcher Garden. This kid is ALL BOY!!! 

Again, I wasn't feeling well for our anniversary but we celebrated anyway. It was our 5th anniversary and we exchanged traditional gifts, wooden ones. Matt got an awesome wallet and he gave me some wooden earrings and an AWESOME South Carolina necklace. 

We take a picture each year holding the picture from the year before but we haven't made it happen this year. We have got to get with it!! 

Our little guy was a great tag-a-long for an in-bed movie date! We love him so! 

The next day, Matt and Mason had a date to Barnes and Noble. Doesn't he look so studious? ;-)

Oh, and Barnes and Noble has the BEST snacks!! 

The next morning, I had to head out to work and the guys had a NICE snuggle in bed! 

They got some time outside but we are pretty certain it was negative 87 degrees. ;-) Surviving that, meant George as a reward...haha!!

Since we had been inside so much because of the cold and with me being sick, we decided it was time to put together the trampoline. We had originally planned to wait until Spring BUT it was time!!! He LOVES IT! This is an awful picture but he has become quite the little jumper now. 

That same night, we pulled out some crafts for Valentine's Day. Mason LOVED using glue for the first time. Matt taught him to "Dot, dot, dot, dot" with the glue. :)

You guys, I really missed taking pictures of my boy on the steps so it was time to get back to it. You'll see a great deal in this post!!! :)

It's freezing but we don't care!! 

We took out a box of baby toys and Mason has LOVED them! I've been cracking up! 


More fun with glue! 

Practicing to be a BIG brother! 

You guys, I cannot deal!!! 

Time together is THE. BEST! 

Sometimes, you just need the iPad and some snuggles on a cold morning! 

Warm and cozy on this freezing day! 

We FINALLY made it back to storytime and the playtime that followed was great! We met our friends, The Sheltons, there. 

Lunch at Wendy's with our friends. 

The silliest kid is THIS GUY!!!! 

Morning snuggles before Daddy left for Nashville for the weekend. 

Sweetest boy, I know! 

While Daddy was gone, we had fun! 

While Daddy was gone, he witnessed this!!! Matt went to Nashville to photograph his brother getting engaged! I hope to post pictures to his photography blog soon! 

Mason climbed onto my side of the bed (ignore my project corner) and read one of my books! :)

Saturday morning, we headed out to meet our friends, The Rasnakes, for a FUN day!! 

Skylar and Mason...BEST BUDS!! 

Krispy Kreme for a sugar rush before these kids burned off some energy! 

Even Emma got a taste! 

Mountain Play Lodge, you were AWESOME!! 

Lunch after was at French Fryz and it was GREAT!!!! 

Ice cream!!! 


That afternoon, we played for some time at The Rasnakes and then we headed home. That night, I took my buddy on one last date. Wades was delicious! 

Sunday morning, January 10th, Matt attempted to crank his truck to leave Nashville and it was a no-go!  That was a bummer because we was supposed to be home by mid-afternoon but he was stuck. 
Meanwhile, Mason and I had to run to Target for diapers and he was a BIG boy walking by the cart. 

Kisses for Daddy! 

Silly daddy! 

This was cracking me up because Mason was watching his show upside down. 

We took these pictures because Mason was drinking from his Daddy's cup. He was a cup snatcher!! 

Matt sent this picture back and Mason cracked up!!! 

Monday was a day to pull out all of the toys. 

It was also a day for king cake. Thankfully, I bought the king cake before we knew about the truck repair cost or I wouldn't have purchased! 

That afternoon, after a lengthy and expensive repair, Matt was able to come home! We were so excited!

It was a pull out all of the books day, too. This silly kiddo! 


Tuesday morning, I took my buddy to the westside library and he LOVED it! We read, played with blocks and just enjoyed what there was to see. 

We decided to pull out the Mardi Gras beads and we have been having some crazy fun with them!! 

Bath time!!! 

Wrinkly fingers! 

My grocery shopping life was made on Wednesday when I discovered double carts at Aldi!!! WOOOOO!!! 

It was a fun first half of the month and right now we are in the middle of our Stay-cation! I can't wait to share that excitement soon! 

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