Monday, January 25, 2016

Open Letters {14}

It's been a bit since I posted some open letters so here they are!!

Dear Snow,

I really do enjoy you but when you bring ice along with you and that ice weigh down a tree and then that tree falls over and kills a transformer leaving us without electricity...well, that I don't enjoy.

Folks who like electricity in 20 degree weather ;-)

Dear Matt, 

That idea I had to build a blanket fort sure was a good one. Just wanted you to know. haha!


Dear Mason, 

You were a TROOPER during these past snow days. You weren't stir crazy except for a little bit and for that, I'm grateful!

Your Momma

Dear Baby Morgan, 

We get to see you on ultrasound this morning and we are three excited folks about that!! 

Your Momma, too

Dear Grandmom and Granddad, 

You guys are lifesavers!!! You took in three crazy Morgans without batting an eye and you spoiled us rotten. Thanks for keeping us warm and keeping us fed. 

We love you!
Matt, Leslie, and Mason

Dear February, 

You are right around the corner and that is just NUTS!! We hope to celebrate you BIG with lots of love being shown in our house. 

The Morgans

Dear Superbowl, 

You're coming soon and I couldn't care less for the most part BUT along with you comes the option to make some fun and yummy snacks. So, come on along and I'll eat my pregnant self through your 4+ hour antics. :)


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  1. YAY for ultrasounds! Can't wait to hear that report! And I'm so with you on the Super Bowl!