Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Strong and Kind by Korie Robertson {A Book Review}

Strong and Kind and other Important Character Traits Your Child Needs to Succeed by Korie Robertson and Chrys Howard was an amazing book!!! I will be honest that I thought it may be a bit surface level but after reading, in less than 4 days I might add, I have to disagree with my original thought. 

I have only seen a handful of episodes of Duck Dynasty but I follow several of the family members on social media and I went to graduate school in North Louisiana so I feel like I have just a little bit of a connection to them. 

Anyway, I love the premise of this book--establishing character traits in your children that can help them grow into Godly adults. Korie talks about how she was once asked about what two character traits she wanted to foster in her children and she thought about it and decided those main traits for her children were "strong" and "kind". She shares about how they foster these character traits in their five children. 

Further in the book, she discusses various other character traits and encourages the reader to think and pray about what character traits we would like to foster in our own child(ren). Obviously, as parents, we want to establish plenty of excellent character traits but she asks you to find what is most important, at least in this season of life. 

I chose self-control and compassion. We live in a world of where there are very few boundaries. I believe it is incredibly important for our children to learn self-control. As for compassion, we want our children to learn the importance of caring for others. Those in need, those different than us, those next door to us. 

Other important traits are honesty, patience, joy, loyalty, etc. 

I love the way Korie shares each character trait and the incorporation of their own family stories. For most chapters, Willie Robertson shares a brief word about what each chapter discusses and I thought it was nice to hear the mother's and father's perspective. Parenting is a team sport and sometimes it's hard to remember that! 

Thanks, Korie, for writing a practical book that can help us parent our children into adulthood! 

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