Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Morgan's Movements {Early June 2016}

Slowly but surely I'll get caught up on the happenings in the Morgan household. Here's what happened in early June/pre-Maddox!
Mason was such a good doctor...always checking the heartbeat and looking for baby kicks. :) 

We had a morning with our buddy, Sky, and we decided to paint some. Mason is definitely a free spirit when it comes to painting and Sky is more regimented. He might have made her twitch. haha! :)
Obstacle course? I have no idea but they had fun!

Silliness with Daddy!

Reading stories...sweet stuff.

GiGi arrived and with her came her watch. Mason was fascinated with it and wore it often.

Snuggles with GiGi.

Superhero in a cape...his great-Granny's old scarf.

We had dinner at Wade's and Mason colored. He was PROUD!

Impromptu hose fun makes for a good evening.

Grandmom and Granddad had us over for dinner and Mason went for a walk with Granddad and Daddy...pure sweetness.

And he ended the night with Grandmom story time. THE. BEST!

The whole gang. Just a few days later, we added one more! :)

Golden Corral breakfast was a MUST on our last weekend as a family of three.


Matt took Mason to the local Airport Fair and Mason LOVED IT!!


He was sad here before a helicopter left and he wanted to be on it. Poor guy!

When Dad when to shoot a newborn shoot, GiGi, Mason, and I took a trip to Toys R Us!

I think he made a good choice!!

"Thanks, GiGi!"

By the last days of pregnancy, I was getting some serious swelling. My people were nice to rub my feet! :)

Meanwhile, Mason caught bugs. He wasn't as interested in my feet. haha!

This boy LOVES his GiGi!

On our last day as a family of 3, we had a Yogurt Mountain date. I love these two so much and can't believe there's a third guy now!

On the day after our YOMO date, we headed to meet our newest bundle! 

Stay Tuned! 

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