Friday, June 24, 2016

The Morgan's Movements {Mid-June 2016}

Holy Moly...June is flying by! Here is a HEAVY HEAVY picture post of mid-June 2016! 
Look at our little squish!

Brothers...I don't know that I'll ever tire of saying that.

Jelly face!

Ta-da! When you're home for the majority of all the days, you get creative!

Track time fun is FUN!

Tummy time! Check those wrinkles! He's like a little ole man! pictures!!

Playmat FUN!

Matt took Mason on a date to CiCi's. Mason looked like such a big boy!

For several days, my feet were still super swollen so I had to prop them up for much of the day. Mason decided to join me one afternoon...haha!

See? Little ole man!

"Ma, Hold baby?!"


Maddox spent many days naked in his Rock and Play or his bouncer sitting in the sun to help with his jaundice.




Time with Daddy...


My guys!

Another day...more nakedness for Maddox...

Mason needed to keep his shirt off, too. #Duh

Thought he wanted to try the bottle, too....aye aye aye.

Operation Be in The Picture!

Matt took Mason to church and Mason was ready for swimming...?? ;-)

Granddad and Grandmom came for a visit!

Grandmom had Maddox quite cozy!

Matt had been wanting to get Mason a fishing pole and we found out about a kid's fishing event coming up so Mom bought the pole as a big brother gift for Mason. Mason was practicing in the house...haha! 

Reading time with GiGi!

Practicing our, Fox wearing!

Love him...


Doctor appointment with this handsome guy...He looked straight THUG.

Mason had snack while we waiting for the Doctor and hey, we survived!

Alphabet letter magnets and a baking sheet? lots of fun!

Looking alllll around!

This hair!?! I love it!

Middle-of-the-night squishes!

Mason put his little hand on my leg and rubbed a little bit...sweet stuff!

Lots of love!

Loves to find his thumb...

Mom and Mason went on a walk and pick up lots of pinecones and then we painted them!

Trying out GiGi's glasses. :)

BIG Helper!


Family foot rubs. :)

Mason enjoys helping burp Maddox

and holding him...

Say what?!?

Soaking up that GiGi time!

Um, I'm Sleepy momma

We got some cool stringing beads and we pulled them out and Mason made a necklace!!

Just such a sweet little one.

SUPER excited about the middle of the night feeding!

Burping time with Daddy.

Obviously, the playmat is FUN! We find ourselves there often!

Kisses, kisses, everywhere!

The H Family ladies picked up Mason for a library playdate and I was so grateful!

GiGi and her BOYS!

Mason is such a fan of his little brother. I think little brother is a fan of his, too!



A fun afternoon activity...looking for trucks, cars, SUVs, etc. :)


For this guy, tummy time equals sleep time right now...We are working on it! 
We showed GiGi the awesome fun of a playdoh road for the cars. She made better roads than I ever thought about making. I have got to up my game!

More GiGi time! We knew to soak up our time before she had to go home!

Always's beautiful and hard at the same time.

Mini train time and car time!


Sleepy head!

Camo pants for PawPaw!

More snuggles with GiGi watching "Firetrucks Responding"

FUN naptime hair!

All smiles at church with Daddy!

"How's this for wake time, Daddy?"

For Father's Day, I made Matt this amazing pie and we all loved it! It was a super easy recipe that even my sleep deprived self could handle!
And my guy? He came home with flowers for me. I definitely cried. Love him SO!

More #MorganReadingTime

Newborn picture sneak peeks...

TMI But someone lost his umbilical! It took Mason's nearly a month so this felt like a short period of time.

"Like my new shoes, Daddy?"

Matt got Mason dressed one morning and they came out each hold a completely dressed stuffed animal...haha!

More help...

Before Mom left, I had a quick date with Mason to the library to turn in his Summer Reading Program list and he got his prizes!

He got a new book, a bag and a medal!

He also showed me how he has grown and can climb on EVERYTHING!!

Okay, probably alright if I stop taking playmat pictures now...

PHEW!!! We survived mid-June! GiGi left two days ago and we are learning our routine as a family of 4. I cannot believe it! 

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