Saturday, June 18, 2016

Mason Meets Maddox

Matt and I decided early on that we wanted Mason to be the first person in our family to meet the new baby. It meant no one really knew the delivery date and no one knew baby had been born for several hours. It was worth it for sure!!
This first picture is blurry because my phone didn't focus but I love it because I remember the excitement on Mason's face when he walked in. He was carrying a little gift he had picked out for the baby including some toys from home and he thought baby would like. 

He explored every inch of the room and touched Maddox's crib.

Here he is giving him the fox he had picked out for him.

Next, Matt brought him over to the window seat and Mason held him. It was so sweet!

Here they are after GiGi got to come in and Mason requested that Matt read a book to Maddox. all the love there.

More snuggles.

We would have been happy with a boy or a girl but seeing our big guy get a brother, now that was something special!

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