Sunday, June 19, 2016

Welcome Home, Maddox

Typically with a c-section, the doctor would ask you to stay for three days. We spoke to our doctor ahead of time to see if we could stay just two days as long as nothing went unplanned. They agreed so we had a go-date of Wednesday the whole time. Thankfully, I recovered well in those two days and although Maddox had some elevated bilirubin levels, we were able to head home with him about 11:00 on Wednesday. 

All bundled up in car seat looking like a teeny tiny little bitty fella!

We called Mom ahead of time so she would know to be looking for us. When we drove up, Mason walked out on the front porch and the smile on his face was HUGE! He was so happy and we could tell he was full of pride! 

Big smooches

Our two boys!

The Morgan 4!

"Hold baby, Me?"

Maddox took his first nap in his crib and Mason shared Scout with him. That's big, people!

Maddox's first day home went seamlessly and he adjusted well. He took naps in his crib and his Rock and Play.

This was part of our attempts to wake him fully to eat...haha!

Found that thumb!

First night in his crib. sweet love.

Welcome home, Maddox! We love you! 

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