Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Favorite Children's Books {13}

Let's see what we've been reading lately! 

I have mentioned these 5-minute story books before, I believe and we just love them! Our latest reads are the ones below. Mason especially loved the Halloween one. 


These are just unique books with mazes included as well as certain items or objects you are supposed to locate. Really neat and entertaining. 

This is a sweet book about friendship. The rhino isn't so sure that he wants the tick around but when he's gone, he realizes what he is missing! 

This book is hilarious! Woodpecker plots how to get those good smelling waffles! 

We read three books about The Nuts and they were all cute but this was the favorite. Lots of sing-song words and a catchy story. 

A sweet book about changes in friendship. 

Mason especially liked this one. It's a story of why you can't get to the end of a rainbow anymore. It was interesting. 

This one made me 😭. Jessica is in need of rescue and Rescue is, too. Incredible story. 

I LOVED this one, too! all about humans being happy with who they are. 

A fun story about how we are protected while we sleep. Appealing to my boys for sure. 

Sammy just wants to help make it the best Halloween ever but should he start on November 1st?! 

I like this one a great deal. All about beetles and also about emotions. 

A really cook book with their thoughts are how the Galapagos Islands formed and how they are changing etc. 

No one can see will she make friends!?!

Another book about how we are all different and that's okay. 

This book will just have you cracking up. Little boy gets a dog. Then his dog wants a pet. It goes on and on. 

Bear gets scared...what will he do!? 

Marisol McDonald is unique. I really liked this one, too. 

I can't remember everything about this book but I know we all enjoyed it. 

The noisy foxes are looking for a quiet place...will they find it? 

Hooray for being you. Another sweet book about being who you are made to be. 

5 stars for this book which introduced us to several people in history that we didn't know anything about! 

We finished our next Who Was...Book, too! 

If you haven't been doing this devotional with your kiddos, check it out! 

She Persisted is a great book to teach about women in history who are changed the world. 

They called themselves The Ugly Five but are they? 

A sweet book on adoption. 

Fiona was born a little bit but she was a fighter! Based on a true story. 

We are all different...what color are you? 

This little girl has monster troubles but they aren't what you'd expect. ;) 

This book was incredible. However, I wouldn't recommend for a sensitive/hyper-aware child because Mason enjoyed reading about and learning the story but it has made him very sad, too. 

The Dino egg is will it find its parents!? 

Coco the Carrot sets out to find an adventurous life and she definitely does! 

Ole Bruce is always good for a laugh. This one is no different! 

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