Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The Morgan's Movements 2018 {Week 37}

After we got home from PopPop and Grammy's house, it was time to get back into routine! GIGi had been here for two weeks and then we were gone a week and we had no idea what to do! 

Monday morning before speech, Mason asked to draw a picture. This is what he drew for Mrs. Claire, his speech therapist. I was so impressed because until this picture, his drawing has been mostly scribbles and he was uninterested. 

Second picture shows the rain he added to the picture. 

Maddox helped me make Matt's lunch that morning. He was a big helper! 

Then we played with trains for a while. Hard to see in this picture but he said this was a mailbox. :) 

Later that morning, I tried to grab a picture of the boys before we headed to the Compassion Experience. Yeah, you can see how that went. I just have to laugh. 

Oh LOOK! I got one! 

This attempt was about the same...


But who cares! Because Grandmom is here! 

Grandmom and her friend Carol joined us and we really enjoyed this. You wear headphones and walk through the different areas while the child talks to you about their life and what Compassion sponsoring did for them. Truly incredible. 

We didn't want to say goodbye! 

Look at these snuggles! 

The rain came down that afternoon and we watched KidSpring videos while we waited for Daddy. 

Obviously worn out! 

Tuesday afternoon, Mason opened a CiCi's restaurant. I was so impressed! 

Dad's survival kit some days. :) 

Again, I can't stop with the cute sleeping pictures these days. 

Big milestone that week...Hit 30K in the car! 

Wednesday morning, we went to CFA story time and Maddox won the book!! 


Love them...

See? I can't stop...

I captured this sweet scene. They were reading together. 

Someone was tired! 

We also found out that the beans we didn't even mean to plant were sprouting! 

We made a visit to Cook-Out Friday evening before the storm rolled in. 

Beautiful sunset that night! 

Saturday morning, we were prepping for a great deal of rain but meanwhile, we picked caterpillars off of beans and they threw them in the road. Boys...

So sweet..

Apparently, it was a sweatshirt day in their eyes. :) 

We did some fun Halloween workbooks that afternoon together. 

We made some crayon disks with our old crayons, too. 


Saturday night when it wasn't really rainy or windy, we lost power. It came back on at some point in the night thankfully. That Sunday, I headed to work and the boys chilled. Living room snack and show for the win! 

Daddy was well loved! 

Silly billy with a tarantula necklace. 

Thankfully, the storm was not nearly what we anticipated in our area and we were safe and sound! 

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