Thursday, September 20, 2018

Montgomery Visit {September 2018} {Day 1 and 2}

When we got to Montgomery, it was bed time. The boys entertained PopPop and Grammy while I unloaded the car and before bed they got some reading time. :) 

A few tickles and laughs, too! 

Early morning hugs between brothers. 

And early morning breakfast smiles, too! 


Soooo many fun toys to play with at PopPop and Grammy's house! 

Someone stole Grammy's cane! 

We ran a few errands including the grocery cookies! 

We even helped pull in the trash can. 

Dark pictures but this play time was precious. They had a restaurant. 

Snuggle time...

Pool time! Well, for a few minutes before it started raining! 

Waiting for PopPop in the rain! 

We had a bit of chill time before PopPop offered to treat us to dinner at CiCi's! 

Someone has decided to become a big boy in recent days...exhibit A is here. 

That night before bed, Mason called Matt on FaceTime and teased that we went to CiCi's without him! 


We were tired! It was a good couple of days. More to come! 

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