Monday, September 17, 2018

Louisiana Visit {September 2018} {Days 1 & 2}

Phew, it's been a minute since I've logged onto the blog. Let's get caught up on the recent happenings! 

Two weeks ago after Mom had been here for two weeks, the boys, her, and myself loaded up in the car to head to Louisiana! 
This is a darn good picture for 5:00a.m. 

We drove on for about 2 hours and then stopped for breakfast. I was impressed that this McDonald's had an ordering station. MUCH easier! 

Silly goose...

We truly had a great drive. The boys did great reading, playing, singing, etc. and we made excellent time! 



About 12 hours later, we got to PawPaw!! and Spike! :) 

PawPaw had picked up some Raising Cane's for dinner. We certainly weren't upset about that! 

Maddox had to check out PawPaw's TV. 

And Mason had some phone calls to make. 😂

All of the love...We got some good hugs from PawPaw and Aunt Brandy. 

And Spike. :) 


Storytime with PawPaw before bedtime. 

Worn out precious boys. 

The next morning brought early risers so we headed to get donuts...duh! 


We got to see Aunt Celie, too! 



 Later that morning, we went to Academy. The boys needed some new binoculars and PawPaw helped us pick some out. 

Of course, some shenanigans, too. 

"Where's Maddox!?!" 


Some gooooood snuggles! 

Chillin' out. 

Mason gives the PawPaw the best snuggles! 

Again, worn out. This time for nap. 

I napped with this guy. I wasn't sure it was gonna happen at first but... did! 

We snuggled with PawPaw for a minute and then headed to Uncle Jay's house! 

Wild and free in the country! 


Time to feed the fish...





Playing with Alex...

This one was EVERYWHERE! 



We had a great visit. We ate chicken rotel, some cake and ice cream. Spoiled for sure! 
Maddox then shared his water with Rowdy's puppy toy. YUCK! 

When we got back to PawPaw's, Aunt Celie brought Charlotte by. Charlotte is Aunt Celie's granddaughter and we hadn't gotten to meet her yet because of sickness for them on past visits. She is such a cutie! And there was lots of "no" being heard in this crowd. 😂




Later on, we did some tricks with Spike. He never tires of it! 



This picture is way too dark but Mason got to watch some of the LSU game and he was soooo excited! 

So sweet...

We had a great couple of days. Up next, one more day! We had planned to be there longer but Gordon was heading straight there so we had to make a change of plans. 

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