Monday, September 17, 2018

Louisiana Visit {September 2018} {Day 3}

When I was snuggling with this little cutie on Labor Day morning, I didn't realize I'd be driving to Montgomery later that afternoon. 

We started out with a plan to go swim at a friend of my Dad and then chill out the rest of the day. 

Maddox was always checking on Aunt Brandy. I love it! 

Mason did some tricks with Spike. He's gotten so brave with him. 

Someone stole PawPaw's seat! 

Telling Aunt Brandy bye before we headed swimming! 

They needed a little snack before swimming. 

All geared up! 

These floats were amazing and the boys loved them! 



Pool time with PawPaw is fun! 



Mason swam the length of the pool in his arm floats. 

Maddox jumped off of the diving board and the side of the pool as much as he could. :) 

All of the love for PawPaw. 




Stealing Paw's drink! 


We came back and ate and had a few snuggles before nap time. 

During nap, it looked like Gordon was really moving more our direction and we were concerned I'd get stuck in Louisiana without electricity etc, so we made the hard decision to leave Monday afternoon. We gave all of the hugs and kisses that we could before we headed out. 





Thankfully, the traffic was light for the first four hours. The last hour was a bit rough but we made it to Montgomery! 

Thanks for having us, PawPaw and Aunt Brandy! See you again in December! 

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