Monday, April 22, 2019

Children's Museum/Day with Anna: April 2019

A couple of weeks ago, we got to have our sweet friend, Anna, with us for a whole day!! It was raining and that ruined our plan for the zoo so we headed to the children's museum and we had the best time!! 

We have been to the big children's museum a handful of times but Anna had not been so it was brand new and we all loved showing her our favorite things. 


The current "temp" exhibit was space related and the kids could launch their own space shuttle. That was a hit for sure! 

Construction/building area continues to be fun. 




We got to check out story time, too. 

"One small step..." 


Creative area was pretty cool...legos, build your own (pretend) popsicles, and more! 



More shuttle launching! 

Grocery store...Anna was a great cashier! 

We ended the fun with YOMO! 

Maddox was worn slap out!! 

Children's museum, you were awesome!! 

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