Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Maddox Stopped Sucking His Thumb

Two weeks ago, Maddox went to the dentist and she just mentioned that it was time for us to address thumb sucking. We were a bit concerned about it because he only does it when he is sleeping and we didn't know how we could address it. She gave us a few options and we went on our way. We decided to wait until Mid-April since we were going out of town in early April. 

However, the day after the dentist, Maddox said something about stopping sucking his thumb and I told him that the dentist had said it was time to stop. He fussed a bit and then he NEVER PUT IT IN HIS MOUTH!!! That went on for over a week before we decided that it wasn't a fluke and he was officially done with it! 

Can you believe the will power of this 2 year old!?!

We are SO PROUD! After one week, Matt took the boys to Moe's for a celebratory meal. This picture is showing his willpower. 15 days into Whole30 and avoiding Moe's! 



Love this dirty-faced non-thumb sucking boy! 

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