Thursday, April 25, 2019

Egg Hunts {April 2019}

These two egg hunters got to participate in two egg hunts this year! We had a couple more planned but the rain didn't allow for that unfortunately! 

The first hunt was at the library and I took the boys to get some new Easter buckets beforehand. 


When you turned in the eggs, the library gave you either a book or candy. Thankfully, I had some candy in my purse so I gave that to the boys to encourage them to pick a book. It worked! 


We also attended an egg hunt with some friends, mostly friends from church. The weather was beautiful and we had the best time! 

Mason was a HUGE help to Maddox. 


The crew...


Mason ran FAR during his hunt so I only got one picture but he got a good amount of eggs and had a blast! 

Until next year! 

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