Wednesday, April 10, 2019

The Morgan's Movements 2019: Week 14

Since Maddox stopped sucking his thumb, it's taken some time for his to adjust his sleeping schedule. One morning, he woke up early and I was trying to keep Mason asleep so I brought Maddox to my bed. He needed me to take pictures of his toy. 😂

Handsome dude. 

Mason and Maddox wanted to go to Home Depot to see the "easter decorations." No luck but there lots of spring and summer outdoor things! 

All of the love for that Daddy. 

We saw another yard with their bushes filled with Easter eggs. We had to do that, too! 



More friend time...

When your brother stops sucking his thumb and starts waking up early, it wears you out. 

Can't even handle this face. This was while we sat at Doctor's Care waiting to see the doctor for pink eye. 😑


So brave...

At Christmas time, I found these Razor scooters at Target for a great deal. I bought and hid them away. Saturday was a good day to pull them out! 

Maddox has been LOVING the snuggles lately. 

This one ALWAYS does! 

Worn out? Looks like it! 

Reading is a favorite for all of us! 

Mason was drawing some pictures for family. ❤️

Sleepy head! 

This week included pink eye, allergies, canceled trips but we made the best of it! 

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