Monday, August 5, 2019

Light from Distant Stars by Shawn Smucker {A Book Review}

Last year I read another book by Shawn Smucker, a memoir,  called Once We Were Strangers. I was drawn to the book initially because Shawn Smucker lives in Lancaster, PA which is where some of my husband's extended family lives (well, close to there.) Anyway, I enjoyed that one so much that when this one came out, I couldn't wait to read it. Light from Distant Stars did not disappoint! 

Smucker's writing style is enjoyable and easy to read. I flew through this book and honestly, couldn't wait to find out what happened next. 

There are a couple of story lines for this book. The first is Cohen's father being found nearly dead and goes forward as we discover what happened, what contributed to that initial scene. There are some unexpected twists and turns that I really enjoyed. Nothing too crazy but enough to make you pause in a bit of shock. 

The storyline that the book went back and forth with was a storyline from when Cohen was younger and encountered "The Beast." I must say, I like the current day storyline better than I did this storyline but it wasn't bad at all. Just different. 

It was cool to see young Cohen as well as grown-up Cohen and how his younger years affected his later years. I loved the characters in the story including Cohen, his sister, his mother, his father, a young boy named Thatcher and more. There wasn't one that I didn't like except "the beast."

I definitely recommend this if you are looking for a quick and enjoyable fiction read. 

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