Saturday, August 24, 2019

Louisiana Trip May 2019 {Part 2}

The second day in Louisiana was a Sunday so we got up and headed to church with friends. After that, we went back to Jill's house to visit with her and her family. 
I attempted to get Ebby Mae to smile with me but she was too busy. 

Seeing my childhood friends love my kids is just something special. This girl is one of my very favorites! 

We visited and played and had lunch. They were great hosts! We attempted a picture at the end. It sort of worked. 😂

Jill tried to steal a hug. Maddox made her work for it. 

Love her so much. 

We headed to Eva's after Jill's and we rested and ate. There is never a shortage of food there. 😊

More swimming! 

PawPaw wrote the boys names on the concrete with the water gun. 

More food. 😂

Night time snuggles before bed. 

Worn. Slap.Out. 

See? PawPaw loves this couch and snuggles with these boys. 

We headed to Uncle Jay and DeeDee's later that morning for a Memorial Day lunch. DeeDee got the boys these cool shirts! 

Checking on the fish with GiGi. 

Stole Uncle Jay's chair. 

Rowdy was guarding them. 

Meanwhile, Matt was back home sweating his hiney off! 

But Memorial Day lunch at work isn't so bad! 

We had a great visit with my aunt and uncle and my mom before saying good-bye to head back to Dad's. 


Maddox was clearly worn out. 

Even when we got home, he wasn't ready to be awake. 

Once Maddox finally woke up, we helped PawPaw in his garden. 

Then those hard workers got hosed off. 

End of another couple of good days. 

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