Friday, September 6, 2019

The Morgan's Movements 2019 {Week 34}

School days have been pretty sweet lately. 

We set up a little reading corner and the boys have been enjoying it so much! 

Library time is in full effect these days! 


Matt is the best dad ever and let the boys play out in the rain one day recently. They were pretty excited! 

One on One time silliness! 

Maddox had an ophthalmology appointment and the office was super kid-friendly. 🎉

He handled the dilating drops like a pro. 

While he was examined by the doctor, Mason took pictures. 😂





They did so so well. 
Rewards were in order for sure! 

Maddox was calling me on the phone asking me to come over. 

Glasses fitting day! 

And more rewards because it's just who we are! 

Matt took the boys for the car oil change and obviously they were living their best lives. 


Barnes & Noble hosted a storytime and Matt took the boys. They had a great time! 

I spent the afternoon with E & A and got my nails painted! 

Then I gave this one some fun dip. #LessonLearned 😳😳😳

Just a girl and her kitty. 

They had me picking veggies in the garden! 


Sent that to my guys. They were shocked! 

Hatcher Garden hosted my guys while I was babysitting. 😊

When I got home, Matt was making flatbread pizzas and they were delicious. We ate outside because it was so pretty. 

Matt told Maddox to bring him a book. He brought this one. Literally has three words. 😂😂😂

I took Mason on a little YOMO date. 

That night I had a training and Matt took the boys to FUSE training and then they went to play with friends and have dinner. 

More reading corner fun! 

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